The importance of thread

The embroidery thread quality is essential, in the market there are many brands of yarn, thicknesses and types, so it is essential to choose the right thread for the job.

Can also be classified by their composition, to differentiate practical manufacturing systems do given its structure. Accordingly, there are three main groups worthy of comment:

Fiber embroidery thread or cut short

They are produced by the classic system also called cotton spinning from staple fibers. The fibers acquire the necessary cohesion to form sewing thread to be sufficiently twisted.

To ensure strength and cohesion are often twisted to 2 or 3 ply. Characteristically thread downy appearance, so they are often referred to as cottons although of synthetic composition.

Embroidery thread with continuous filament

Are synthetic yarns (polyamide, polyester) or artificial (rayon), obtained mainly in industrial processes, as the continuous filament only natural silk, hardly used as needle thread.

Its main feature is that all the filaments forming the yarn are of the same length as the same thread, therefore have greater toughness than short fibers. Its most visible feature is a total absence of villi, which often make them look bright.

Coated wire or Core-Spun

Are a hybrid of the two types described above, since they contain both types of fiber as described above. On the one hand, a continuous filament core which gives them a great resistance and the other a short fiber coating which gives them a greater capacity lubrication and cooling. Therefore, they are able to offer wireless high productivity features in sewing and embroidery.

wire-to-embroider-fluorescenteQueremos highlight an embroidery thread that recently hit the market, striking a guy wire for its characteristics and outcome, fluorescent embroidery yarns, stored inside natural or artificial light, that leak in the dark. Its long-term brightness is ideal for work logo used in the security service industries that need to be visible especially at night. Fluorescent threads, which, however, can also create fascinating effects on clothing.

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