We all kind of industrial embroidery, we have more than 30 industrial heads and pecking the latest technologies in industry. Check the effectiveness of our services.

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Enbroidered Crafts

Our experience of over 30 years, allows us embroidered banners, flags, fraternities, Nazarenes, wedding dresses, prom dresses, tablecloths, etc.

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and shields

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Flags and crafts

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Caps and Accessories

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  • Crafts on canvas

    Introducing Richard Saja, his works have been exhibited in galleries in London and Philadelphia. Richard overboard on canvas classic scenes giving them a modern twist. In The Storque we found an interview with Paul Sweet. Richard has found that with embroidery how to paint or draw, which is what actually would have liked more. We leave a link to your website: http://historically-inaccurate.blogspot.com.es...
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  • The importance of thread

    The embroidery thread quality is essential, in the market there are many brands of yarn, thicknesses and types, so it is essential to choose the right thread for the job. Can also be classified by their composition, to differentiate practical manufacturing systems do given its structure. Accordingly, there are three main groups worthy of comment: Fiber embroidery thread or cut short They are produced by the classic system also called...
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